Managing Life’s Transitions

We moved last week. When other people move, change jobs, add to their family, etc, the shift seems inconsequential. Until it happens to you. Over the past week, I realized that heaving a tough load over an uneven threshold offers a very different perspective than watching someone else do it. Physical,…


Self-Assessment to Launch the New Year

  As the world packs away holiday trimmings, mankind shares a collective sigh. Though this sound resonates with similar depth across the globe, the hearts behind it express a multitude of emotions. Fond memories join the breath with a smile. Sorrow and heartache offer the opposite sentiments. Some of us hate…


How to Maintain Career Balance

In our current series on living with brilliant balance, we've examined several foundational aspects to set as priorities. Today's video examines the following keys to maintaining balance with regard to career: Recognize your job, career, and calling. Know when they differ, what to do when they conflict, and how they may…


Top 5 Tips for Emotional Health: Live with Brilliant Balance

The Importance of Emotional Health In this series, we've examined the keys to a balanced life. Certain aspects serve as a foundation to establish how well we function in every other part of our lives. Spiritual and physical wellness determine performance, fulfillment, and our effect upon others. Emotional health proves another…

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