Let the Diets Die: Sustainable Lifestyle Upgrades

Diets garner immense popularity at the start of the new year and make a resurgence in the months prior to swimsuit season. Some fads encourage us to eliminate food groups or restrict calories. Other experts insist we can indulge in a specific type of food while avoiding everything else. The stricter…


Heart Health at All Levels, Part 3

Emotional health concerns maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself as well as with others. HOW am I doing? DTR with yourself. Be aware of your emotional state. Positive AND Negative. WHEN and WHERE do I start feeling this way? Evaluate triggers (+ and -). WHY do I feel this way? Identify underlying…


Heart Health at All Levels, Part 1

  First in our series, we'll consider physical wellness. Let's discuss how to make great habits for long term heart health. Check out my life coaching page if you're interested in customizing personal steps toward optimizing your overall well-being. Sleep Water Nutrition Exercise Stress Management How do you plan to improve…

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