Self-Assessment to Launch the New Year

  As the world packs away holiday trimmings, mankind shares a collective sigh. Though this sound resonates with similar depth across the globe, the hearts behind it express a multitude of emotions. Fond memories join the breath with a smile. Sorrow and heartache offer the opposite sentiments. Some of us hate…


Optimize 2018: Sustainable Spiritual Goals

  Spirituality often falls to the bottom of the priority list when it comes to goal setting. With all the urgent issues bleeding at the surface, it's tempting to lump soul care in with personal luxuries.  Lapses in diet pop buttons at the mirror. Relationships might literally scream for attention. Professional…


Optimize 2018: Successful Relationships

  Chocolates bulge from store shelves this month. Sale ads urge us to procure these sweet pounds to show our love ... or adopt as our own. After all, who would leave a lonely velvet heart to languish in the clearance bin next week? The pressure to sprinkle sugar, flower petals,…


Optimize Your 2018: Successful Goal Setting

  Have you ditched your New Year's resolutions? Instead of abandoning your good intentions, you can upgrade them and craft successful goals. Last week's post covered the basics of SMART goals and prioritizing. Recognizing your overall purpose and the limits of your time are essential first steps. This week begins our…


Optimize Your 2018: Realistic, Sustainable Tips

The New Year dawns before us. Many of us begin this week catching up from the Christmas holiday. We end it, however, with a gaze back at the past year. And some of us will resolve to make 2018 better than the twelve months we just endured. For those of us…

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