Can We Recover After this Crisis?

  From pandemic health and loss struggles to violence and division, the 2020 year has pummeled us. We face an aftermath of financial struggles, family strain, and despair. Even those who once felt confident may now wonder if we can ever restore our lives. Is there hope for recovery after so…


Join us for TWO Virtual Events this Summer!

In need of renewal? Desperate to rejuvenate your life after this season of crisis? We're offering a wealth of restorative messages and practical information to help you renew all areas of your life. And we're providing each of these events for less than a meal out with a friend! A Little SHE…


Let the Diets Die: Sustainable Lifestyle Upgrades

Diets garner immense popularity at the start of the new year and make a resurgence in the months prior to swimsuit season. Some fads encourage us to eliminate food groups or restrict calories. Other experts insist we can indulge in a specific type of food while avoiding everything else. The stricter…


Thankfulness as an Elusive Treasure

  I'm thankful each day. Some of the time. When I'm not tired, hungry, or complaining about something else. I yearn to define myself as an optimist, a positive individual. Instead, I seem to have a natural talent for finding what's wrong with things. Or what might go wrong. Despite my…


Why I’m Thankful for the Light

I made a huge purchase decision this weekend. In the dark. I couldn't see the car I committed to drive for the next three years. Assuming I knew what I would receive, I signed the contract and drove home. When the light dawned on my mistake the next day, I felt…

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Defeated to Heroic: Divine Warrior Training Series Part One

Expenses mount. Windows of opportunity seem nailed shut. Physical pain and emotional lows weigh us down. Ordinary tasks of laundry and housework grow overwhelming. The pits of life can feel impossibly dark and leave us certain of defeat. I've been there. The pit tempts me to return often, even daily in…

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