Living Through Cave-Like Trials: Psalm 57 Devotional

      As we face the unexpected crisis of isolating in our homes, many of us find ourselves coping with unprecedented stress and troubles. The circumstances oppress us and we struggle to live among those we may find prickly at times. David spent years under the oppression of a spiritually…


Why Does it Have to be so Hard?

"Why?" I thrust my hands upward and wailed to the ceiling. "Why does it have to be so HARD?" The alleged two-step cabinet refinishing project had taken five steps and as many days. Bruised, blistered, and sore, I teetered on the edge of the countertop in an effort to replace the…


5 Keys to Perfect Love

  On a day meant to celebrate the heart, we're encouraged to purchase gifts as the key to true love.  To embrace lovers, family, or to better love ourselves, the media insists we must buy just the right ticket to harmony. Culture gluts our media with advertisements for the best ways…


4 Secrets to Optimize Relationships

Valentines Day looms on the calendar next week. Some look forward to lavishing romantic gifts or excursions on their dear love. Those without an amorous partner might share hugs with family or friends. Others will eschew the red and pink holiday and escape by viewing action, horror, or sci-fi films. With…


How to Offer Thanks with Meaning

Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub. Yay, God. Thanks for the bread. Thanks for the meat. Thanks for the taters. Good God, let's eat. Maybe your Thanksgiving meal will begin with a more eloquent blessing. Well-spoken or simple, the attitude of our hearts matters far more than the words…


Reading for Emotional and Cognitive Wellness

Got books? If you're an avid reader, your brain and heart will thank you. Studies indicate we bolster the emotions and mind almost any time we read. Certain books target our emotional and cognitive well-being, to pack on extra benefits. As if we needed another reason to crack open a book.…

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